Dr Lucas Marmiesse

Dr Lucas Marmiesse, Co-founder – Chief Technical Officer

Computer Scientist, Developer, Modeler, Data Scientist.


Lucas is a talented software developer in bioinformatics. He developed smart software for metabolic and regulatory network integration. Lucas developed the Tracker algorithm for synthetic biology design.


After a master degree in bioinformatics, I obtained my Ph.D in 2016 in Toulouse, France.

During my Ph.D I used and developed many types of bioinformatics tools to study the molecular mechanisms involved in plant immune systems in response to pathogen attacks. These tools range from statistical analysis of heterogeneous data, data-mining, evolutionary algorithms, data visualisation, application design and development (Java) and reconstruction of mathematical models of metabolic and regulatory networks that I used to run simulations.

Contact: lucas.marmiesse@imean-biotech.com


FlexFlux: combining metabolic flux and regulatory network analyses
Lucas Marmiesse, Rémi Peyraud, Ludovic Cottret
BMC Systems Biology, 2015
A resource allocation trade-off between virulence and proliferation drives metabolic versatility in the plant pathogen Ralstonia solanacearum
Rémi Peyraud, Ludovic Cottret, Lucas Marmiesse, Jérome Gouzy, Stéphane Génin
PLOS Pathogens, 2016
Control of primary metabolism by a virulence regulatory network promotes robustness in a plant pathogen
Rémi Peyraud, Ludovic Cottret, Lucas MarmiesseStéphane Génin
Nature Communications, 2018
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