Collaboration on bioretrosynthesis with Faulon’s lab – PhD offer!

A project between the Micalis institute and iMEAN

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A new collaboration

We established a collaboration with the team of Jean-loup Faulon, the world leading expert on bioretrosynthesis, to improve the software for bioretrosynthesis, retropath.

Bioretrosynthesis, de novo design of chemical pathways in a chassis for the production of a chemical of interest, requires exploring a huge solution space. We aim together to accelerate the exploration of this solution space in order to explore the potential of the iMEAN database of chassis organisms, even for consortia of microbes. We open a PhD position – CIFRE – to develop innovative methods during the next 3 years.

New website

For its two years anniversary, iMEAN offers you a new website so you can find the most suitable service for you

2 years!

iMEAN is celebrating its 2nd anniversary