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Reconstruction of a Digital Plant for Neoplants

iMEAN is setting up a modelling platform for Neoplants, the Parisian biotech startup developing the first generation of bioengineered ornamental plant to fight air pollution.

By combining complex metabolic networks and extensive knowledge in plant biology, iMEAN is able to design highly predictive plant models for fast and successful bioengineering projects.

Neoplants, who has been nationally hand-picked by La French Tech and by the French Ministry of Ecology, will be be part of the #Green20 accelerator program for being one of the most promising Greentech startup in France !

This highlights the great potential of joining a team of top world scientists with the power of a digital partner like iMEAN.

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For further information on our unique expertise to build digital plant models, feel free to contact us at : contact@imean-biotech.com