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Seed Design

Accelerating innovation to seed market

Prediction, and thus improvement, of complex crop traits is a main challenge during the seed breeding processes. Thanks to a mix of genomic selection and digital organisms, we are able to predict crop selection outputs and optimise your breeding program. We help you reduce the selection program duration and improve crops for yield, pathogen resistance, or even stability to environmental variations.
Save up to 3 years on your selection program.
Improve complex traits, such as increasing yield up to 10% compared to genomic selection.

Microbiota Design

The microbes to the rescue

Designing efficient and robust beneficial microbes when sprayed on the field is the main challenge for developing biopesticides or biostimulant solutions. We screen in silico combinations of microbes (alone or in communities) to be added to the plant microbiota that optimise crop traits. Hence, we are able to predict the most promising microbes to be spread that will help the plants to resist biotic and abiotic stresses.

Reduce up to 60% of your experimental cost when discovering / developing a biosolution. Improve the performance of your biosolutions when applied to various fields.

Custom Data Analyses

Your data is a gold mine, we extract the maximum of its worth

Whatever the organism you are working on, we can offer a broad range of analyses to dig into your data such as genome-wide association studies (GWAS), or classical genomic selection. We can also develop custom-made software applications to visualise and/or analyse it.

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