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Modelling for Life Science

Bring a digital organism to your lab and unlock systems biology

Building mathematical models is tedious, mobilising a significant amount of the workforce from your lab and requiring a specific skillset. Thanks to our modelling platform and manual curation, we deliver tailor-made high-quality mathematical models of living cells, such as genome-scale metabolic network or kinetics models.
Get your high-quality genome scale model 4 times faster and for half the cost.


Reveal the biological mechanisms behind your omics data

Collecting more and more data does not necessarily lead to new discoveries. We will integrate your omics datasets with mathematical models to understand the molecular mechanisms behind cell phenotypes. This multi-faceted strategy is more exhaustive and enables us to take a closer look at your biological networks in action.
Check the coherence between your omics datasets. Identify causal mechanisms driving the behaviour of your biological systems.

Genome Wide Associations Studies (GWAS)

Reveal the genetics underling biological phenomena

Discovery of the genes controlling complex traits is challenging. Using your phenotypic and genotypic data for a panel of individuals, we run GWAS to understand the genetic architecture of your traits of interest. This analysis identifies the polymorphisms linked to the variation of observed phenotypes.
Identify new gene functions from genetic variation.

Custom Data Analyses

Your data is a gold mine, we extract the maximum of its worth

Whatever the organism you are working on, we can offer a broad range of analyses to dig into your data such as genome assembly and annotation, pathway identification. We can also develop custom-made software applications to visualise and/or analyse it.

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