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Your project may need a specific analysis workflow beyond the specific services we designed for Agriculture, Industrial biotech and Academic research. You will find below a non-exhaustive showcase of model reconstructions and analyses we can pick from to build a custom data analysis workflow. Our team of modelling experts remains at your disposal to discuss your project in detail.


Genome-scale models

Reconstruction of high-quality genome-scale models of metabolism (GEMs) or regulatory networks to unlock the understanding of living cells.

Kinetics models

Predict your pathway properties from enzyme characteristics (rate laws) and metabolites pool sizes.

Regulatory network inference

Inference of regulatory relationships between genes and proteins using omics data.


Omics data analysis

Highlight meaningful information within transcriptomics, proteomics, metabolomics, fluxomics or phenomics processed datasets with data science approaches.

Genome Wide Associations Studies

Identification of the genetic control for phenotypes of interest.

Genomic selection

Predict the genetic value of individuals based on their genotypes, whether they are phenotyped or not.


Genome assembly and annotation

Processing of genomic raw data: genome assembly (prokaryotes, eucaryotes), structural and functional annotation, comparative analysis, etc.

Protein design

Semi-Rational design using structural information to optimise proteins.

Pathway identification

Identification of candidate genes likely involved in your pathway of interest.

De novo pathway design

New-to-nature pathways with retrosynthesis techniques.


Genomic database

Management of your genomic data collection with a web interface to query and visualise your metadata. Possibility to manage a PathwayTools (MetaCyc-like) database.

Metabolic visualisation tool

Pathway maps and data dashboards to explore the metabolic features of your organisms.

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