Our vision

At iMEAN we aim at using the full potential of living organisms to accelerate the transition towards a sustainable world. We are convinced that the current challenge in biology is less about collecting more and more data, but more about using that data to better extract knowledge from it. Our strategy is to cut access price to state-of-the-art in silico models analyses and develop innovative digital services for biotechnology companies and academics.

Our technology

Our technology is based on the reconstruction of digital organisms: mathematical representations of the complex molecular networks of living organisms at the genome-scale. Genome-scale models are appreciated for the global vision they give of the cell, and the ease with which omics data (especially transcriptomics and metabolomics) can be exploited to further improve the model predictions.

We developed an in-house modelling platform which combines our database of digital organisms, with our innovative algorithms and our expert manual curation. It allows us to generate a high-quality digital organism in a short timeframe from DNA sequences and other omics datasets.

We use these models in our simulation platform with a creative analysis toolbox based on systems biology and biostatistics. It allows us to extract the most from our customers experimental data and provide valuable biological insights.

Our bioinformatics analysis platform is suitable for any area of biology. Our experienced team of biological engineers ground their analyses on causal mechanisms explaining the relationship between genotypes, phenotypes, and the environment. This makes our predictions particularly appealing for experimentalist teams wishing to grasp the state of their biological system, and eventually to act on it.

iMEAN biotech workflow
iMEAN biotech workflow

Our team

We are a creative team of scientists, passionate about developing new, impactful methods and software in systems biology, synthetic biology, and biostatistics.

Rémi Peyraud, PhD


Lucas Marmiesse, PhD


Fanny Bonnafous, PhD


Vincent Duplan, PhD


Jonathan Verbeke, PhD


Baudoin Delépine, PhD


Marine Alves


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