About iMEAN



iMEAN is a startup providing state of the art In silico ModEls ANalyses for biotechnology companies and academics.

@iMEAN we are convinced that the current challenge in biology, and therefore the value production, is less in collecting more data than in making it useful!

@iMEAN we take you through each step and identify the specific set of product and services adapted to your project. We deliver simple and clear solutions to help you understand and use them.

We make it easy !


Our technology


Our technology is based on the reconstruction of digital organisms describing the complex genome-scale molecular networks of the living organisms modeled. Our dedicated database combined with our AI algorithms and our deep curation expertise, allow us to generate a so called high-quality model in a short time frame. Then, we use these models with a panel of dedicated and creative analyses based on systems biology. Our technology based on biological knowledge and AI algorithms is a platform suitable for any area of biology. We ground our analyses on causal mechanisms explaining the relationship between genotypes, phenotypes and environment. Hence, our solutions are particularly accurate and robust.  



The team

We are a creative team of scientists met during our academic carrier and exalted in developing new methods and software in systems biology.


Dr Rémi Peyraud
Co-founder - Chief Executive Officer
Dr Lucas Marmiesse
Co-founder - Chief Technical Officer
Dr Fanny Bonnafous
Head of Biostatistics
Dr Vincent Duplan
Head of Plant Modelling
Dr Jonathan Verbeke
Metabolic engineer
Dr Baudoin Delépine
Computational metabolic engineer


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