Pablo earned a Mathematical Engineering degree from the Universidad de Chile and has a PhD in Microbiology and Biotechnology at the University of Montpellier in France.
During her academic journey, she conducted research at reputable institutions and gained a broad spectrum of skills.

Take a look at Pablo's academic and professional journey:

  • 2010 - 2017: Mathematical Engineering and a Master thesis on Optimization models with a focus on sustainable development
  • 2017 - 2020: Ph.D in Microbiology and Biotechnology with a focus on mathematical models of microbial community dynamics in continuous reactors and embraced the concept of environmental biorefinery
  • 2021 - 2023: Postdoctoral fellowship on Statistical learning for coupling metabolic modelling to a spatial model of gut microbiota and metabolic networks analysis at Centre INRIA of the Université de Bordeaux


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Damien holds a PhD in Food Microbiology & Bioprocessing from the University of Burgundy in France, building upon his educational background in biology and Biotechnology.

After that, Damien starts his career path as a scientific project manager within the framework of the EURL Listeria mandate at ANSES (French Agency for Food, Environmental, and Occupational Health & Safety). After this great experience, he co-founded a start-up in the Agri-Environment sector, where he applied his expertise to address pressing challenges in sustainable agriculture.

Drawing from his multifaceted experience, Damien now thrives in assisting companies—ranging from start-ups and SMEs to large corporations—in their R&D endeavors, particularly in helping them in the development of their innovative biotechnology projects. His three-year tenure as a Start-up Partnership Manager at TWB honed his ability to forge impactful collaborations and translate customer needs into concrete solutions.

With a breadth of knowledge spanning various domains such as Food, Environment, Agri-Agro, Industrial Biotech, and Health, Damien excels in navigating the complexities of biotechnology to drive meaningful outcomes. His recent role as a Business Developer at iMEAN underscores his commitment to fostering the growth and development of iMEAN.


After concluding his internship as a Developer in Systems Biology at iMEAN, Mohamed graduated top of his class for his master's degree in Bioinformatics Software Development and Data Analysis at University of Aix-Marseille.

He also has an engineering degree in Industrial Biology from the National Institute of Applied Sciences and Technologies in Tunis (Tunisia), with several professional internships in Industry, research laboratories (Institut Pasteur de Tunis) and analysis laboratories.

Thanks to his background, Mohamed strongly contributed to the acceleration of iMEAN's bioinformatics tools and he'll continue to help speed up its model reconstruction process.


Luana earned her Bachelor's degree in Biological Science, followed by a Master's degree in Molecular Biology, and then a PhD in Genetics Microbiology. During her academic journey, she conducted research at reputable institutions and gained a broad spectrum of skills.

Here's a glimpse of Luana's academic and professional journey:

  • 2010: Conducted her Bachelor thesis at DB-LEMM Lab. of Microbial and Molecular Evolution in Italy.
  • 2013: Completed her Master Thesis in the UK at the Bioinformatics and Molecular Evolution Unit.
  • 2014: Commenced her PhD in Italy at COMBO Computational Biology Group.
  • 2017: Undertook a PhD Internship in Sweden at SYS2BIO Systems and Synthetic Biology Group.
  • 2018: Engaged in a Post-doctoral research position in Luxembourg at the Systems Biology Group.
  • Since 2022: Worked remotely as a consultant, showcasing her expertise in coding, biology, and computer science.


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Nolwenn is an engineer in Biochemical Engineering, graduated from INSA Toulouse, specialized in Plant Biosciences research. She obtained a PhD in microalgae lipid metabolism at the CEA of Grenoble and has a 2-year experience at the INRAE of Auzeville working on seed defense in Arabidopsis Thaliana.

It's at the beginning of the year 2023 that Nolwenn joined iMEAN to strengthen its modelling team.

Nolwenn is a skilled scientist, and through her triple degree and extensive knowledge on lipid metabolism and microalgae, she will boost iMEAN's capability to design bioprocesses.


Lucas studied bioinformatics, and got his PhD in systems biology & plants regulatory networks at Université Paul Sabatier - Toulouse III. This provided him with a strong expertise in the development of innovative algorithms to analyse the complex molecular networks of living organisms.

After getting some industrial experience in software and web interface development, Lucas founded iMEAN with Rémi Peyraud in 2018.

Lucas designed the optimization algorithm used by iMEAN, “the tracker”, dedicated to de novo design of synthetic organisms. Lucas also set up the entire modelling platform, allowing iMEAN to build high-quality models at an unprecedented speed.

Lucas is an outstanding developer with an amazing capacity to quickly transform ideas into concrete and efficient applications.


Rémi studied biochemistry and got his PhD at ETH Zurich in Switzerland in systems biology and microbiology.

Rémi has a world-renowned expertise in modelling of living organisms and he conducted pioneer research on systems biology of plant pathogens. He published more than 20 scientific publications in outstanding journals and applied his cutting-edge modelling expertise in many sectors such as environmental microbiology, plant pathogens, industrial biotech, and human health.

In 2018, in partnership with Lucas Marmiesse, Rémi founded the company iMEAN, based on a modelling technology they developed during 10 years of research at INRAE.

Rémi provides his unique vision to the company to lead its business and scientific development.

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Yasmine got a master’s degree in biology at Paul Sabatier University in France, and completed a specialised master’s degree in sales and marketing for the health sector at Toulouse Business School.

Various experiences as an assistant researcher in public (Inserm, Pasteur Institute of Tunisia) and private laboratories (Pierre Fabre), provided her with an extensive knowledge in immunology. Yasmine was an R&D Project Manager at the competitive cluster Eurobiomed, giving her insight on the process of R&D projects along with management and communication skills.

Yasmine joined iMEAN as a Business Developer in July 2022. She is in charge of the development of the sales and the marketing of the company.

Yasmine has a wide knowledge of the biotechnology sector to mount perfect modelling projects for our customers.


Fanny studied Biostatistics in Montpellier (France) and obtained her PhD in quantitative genetics at INRAE, during which she built an outstanding genomic selection model of Sunflower able to improve prediction accuracy thanks to a priori knowledge.

Fanny joined iMEAN at the beginning of the start-up adventure. She developed a disruptive genomic selection method to design the next generation of crops by combining quantitative genetics and multiscale mechanistic mathematical models.

Fanny possesses a wide skills-set in mathematics & coding, allowing her to tackle successfully any type of modelling approaches.


Vincent studied plant biology at Paul Sabatier University of Toulouse (France) and got a PhD in plant regulatory networks involved in seed development and plant-microbe interactions at INRAE.

Vincent started working at iMEAN as a Plant Modeller in 2019, and is currently supervising the reconstruction of genome-scale mathematical models of crops and other plants. Among others, Vincent developed metabolic, regulatory and multi-scale models of plants, and to our knowledge, the most advanced model of Arabidopsis thaliana.

Vincent excels in translating his wide knowledge in plant physiology into complex in silico regulatory and metabolic networks.


Margit is a Doctor in Biophysics, & Biochemistry from Humboldt University (Germany) specialised in systems biology and mitochondria models.

She published more than 15 outstanding scientific publications in the field of energy metabolism and human genetics, and built very accurate kinetics models of oxidative phosphorylation able to reveal mechanisms behind diseases.

It’s in 2021 that Margit joined iMEAN to reinforce our modelling team. She developed the modelling module predicting subcellular concentration of metabolites from application on a whole organism which enleaches the capacity to screen biostimulants effect using iMEAN’s models. She is also involved in modelling microbial communities in their complex ecological niches.

Margit is a rock solid biophysicist and modeller who easily builds highly sophisticated models.


Jonathan is a Doctor in biotechnology and molecular engineering from University Provence-Marseille. Jonathan has a 15 years tremendous experience in metabolic engineering and genetic engineering for many biotechnology projects at the interface of academia, industry and start-up environments. He engineered a broad kind of microorganisms like Yeast, filamentous fungi, or Cyanobacteria, to produce various chemicals and polymers.

Jonathan joined iMEAN in 2019 and uses his in-depth expertise in metabolic microorganism to build accurate models mimicking physiological behaviour of the cells, and to design the next generation of industrial microbes in silico.

Jonathan is a talented scientist with a broad vision about the biotech industry and the smart strategies to boost industrial processes.


Marine graduated from a master's degree in bioinformatics at Bordeaux university.

Marine joined iMEAN in 2021, and thanks to her rigorous developer skills, she set up a rock-solid algorithm that ensured the industrialisation of iMEAN’s genome-scale models reconstruction pipeline. She’s in charge of setting up and maintaining iMEAN’s computer tools for both our modellers and our customers.

Marine is a talented bioinformatician who propels any projects she is involved in to the top.


Raphaël is an engineer in bioinformatics. He obtained a PhD in computational biology at the INSA Lyon, during which he modelled the transcriptional regulation by DNA supercoiling in bacteria. He published various articles in the field of microbiology and bioinformatics using different modelling approaches like thermodynamic, deterministic and stochastic modelling approaches.

Raphaël joined iMEAN in 2022 to develop new models and methods from fine description of molecular interactions toward genome-scale networks.

Raphaël is a rigorous modeller with a strong multidisciplinary background, the perfect combination  to ride off-road modelling approaches.

Amélie graduated from a master's degree in modelling and computational biology bioinformatics at Grenoble university. During her university course, she built her expertise through various experiences on biochemistry, virology with the development of malaria vaccines, and on the modelling of Escherichia coli.

Amélie first joined iMEAN in 2022 as an intern, during which she worked on the  bacterial modelling of microbiota. Amélie will carry on her work as an doctoral student for the dynamic modelling of microbiota and its impact on the plant project, and thus reinforce iMEAN’s modelling platform.

She's a brilliant student with an already strong expertise in building dozens of genome-scale  metabolic models.