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CLIB International Conference | 1 – 2 February | Düsseldorf, Germany


From February 1st to 2nd, 2022, the CLIB International Conference will take place at the Lindner Congress Hotel in Düsseldorf.
Under the title “Technologies for a bio-industrial (r)evolution” we will discuss with you how bio-, information- and production-technology will change and revolutionise industry in the coming years.

The biological transformation of industry is still in its infancy, but it will fundamentally change the way we produce in the coming years. This does not only concern the conversion of the raw material base from fossil to renewable resources, which is an enormous change in itself. Product design and production processes will also change to meet the demands for sustainable and climate-neutral products.

Biotechnology, and synthetic biotechnology in particular, will play an important role here, as they have the potential to make completely new products and properties accessible. Digitalisation and artificial intelligence, on the other hand, can help to drastically accelerate development processes, increase efficiencies and enable new business models. Enormous changes are also on the horizon in the area of production technology due to more flexible and modular process concepts. The efficient scaling of new processes is also an important building block on the path to the biological transformation of industry. Across the board, the topics of circularity and sustainability are of great importance in all development and production steps. Only if products are optimally recyclable and production processes run with optimal use of resources can climate and sustainability goals be achieved.

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