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[New Collaboration] For accelerating strain engineering & scale up

Toulouse, France, January 24th, 2022  –   We are happy to announce a new collaboration between iMEAN, a French biomodeling startup based in Toulouse, and Cambrium, a Berlin-based synthetic biology startup triggering the next wave of biomaterial innovation.

iMEAN develops & provides advanced mathematical models to Cambrium researchers giving them powerful tools to accelerate strain engineering and scale-up. Cambrium’s platform combines protein engineering, machine learning and lab automation to create high-performance materials.

Cambrium designs proteins and engineers cells that produce them, utilizing the programmability of proteins to create materials & biomaterials that outperform current alternatives. Incorporating iMEAN’s sophisticated models into Cambrium’s technology adds a high-predictive power to their strain engineering capacity.

“A protein’s properties are determined by its structure which is in turn determined by the sequence of the amino acids. Evolution works by tuning this sequence, giving rise to improved functional performance. Emergent experimental and computational methods have given humans access to these same tools, placing the age of designer proteins within reach. We can now outpace evolution, rapidly building proteins with functional properties that help us solve the biggest problems we face today.”

Said Charlie Cotton, CSO and Co-Founder of Cambrium,

Both companies share the same ambition to accelerate the rise of the bioeconomy in Europe and identified that combining their respective strengths is the best synergistic strategy to achieve this objective.

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